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Dreamr Digital is a talent management collective based out of Atlanta, GA. We specialize in branding, marketing, management, and A&R services.
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Stream ‘The Hook Up’

As a producer, singer, songwriter, and engineer, A-Lex is no stranger to versatility. Being from Atlanta adds another layer to his artistry as the music scene continues to grow and evolve over the years.


When you hear “Already Rich”, you hear confidence, bravado, and honesty. Those emotions ooze out of your speaker from the moment the songs start. So, how does A-Lex follow the power-driven single? By doing the same thing with R&B.


A-Lex sings, “We back on that bulls*** / ‘Cause she always got that good s*** / She got a** for days, don’t touch it / She got attitude, don’t push it” on his new single, “The Hook Up”. The second offering from his upcoming project is sexy, and as confident and honest as “Already Rich”. The singer taps into his singing as a representation of both versatility and balance.